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The Tale of Two Cities---Beijing·Canberra
Length of Film:40’*2
Format :HD
Language: Chinese 、English
Shooting Location:China、Australia
Date of Delivery: Oct.2013----Apr.2014
Producer & Publisher:Bearcage Television(Australia)
HD Documentary Channel of Beijing TV Station
Beijing International Documentary Center
《The tale of two cities---Beijing~Canberra》is a fun, unique and insightful story of the two cities.
Photographers and the crew of filming from Beijing are going to Canberra, the capital of Australia to film Canberra and her people. Photographers and filming crew from Canberra are going to Beijing to film the same things. In this film, the stories of two cities will be cross-edited. The film will bring you to every landmark of the two capital cities, knowing how they grow up, feeling the personalities given and shaped by people who live and work here. In each city, the film focuses the residents of the city, witnesses the important moment in their life and observes the typical life of the cities’ residents. How do they pursuit dreams, how do they share feelings?

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