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Rewilded-Saving The South China Tiger

Documentary <Rewilded-Saving The South China Tiger> is a story about South China Tiger, the animal on the brink of extinction. They breed in South Africa, rewild and finally are sent back to China.

Hua's nang tiger is a kind of unique tiger in China. It's one of the ten animals on the brink of extinction of China. In 2002, State Administration of Forestry has decided to send Hua's nang tigers born in China to South Africa. They started their rewild training and bred over there. After rewild and breed, they will be sent back to China. In 10 years, more than 10 tigers are sent to South Africa for the training. Meanwhile, China administrators have been looking for adapt wild circumstance for tigers. In 2013, they started the Hua's nang tiger breed and rewild project in Meihua Mountain of Fujian province. According to their plan, the tigers which can survive in wild will be sent back to China soon.

Length of Film: 50' *2
Format: HD
Language: Chinese、English
Shooting Location: China、 South Africa
Date of Delivery: Jan.2014-Aug.2015
Producer & Publisher:
Beijing International Documentary Center
HD Documentary Channel of Beijing TV Station
State Forestry Administration, P.R.CHINA

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